Feb 05, 2010

Snowmen Disasters: Calvin and Hobbes Come to Life

I refuse to read email forwards and chain letters. Even if they're actually hilarious, or educational, I simply skip past them on principal...sorry, Dad.


Well, except for one. Each year, around this time of year, someone passes along a collection of the macabre snow art of Calvin and Hobbes, and I'm instantly transported back to the heyday of Bill Watterson's excellent work, and I'm thankful to have been a kid in the eighties and early-nineties.

And I'm also thankful for these clever, cold-weather peers, who've taken some inspiration from young Calvin and made their own real life nightmare-ish snowmen.   WebUrbanist has assembled a collection of thirty-eight that really are worth checking out.


See them here.


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Anonymous 2 on Feb 11, 2010:

Thanks. Those were fun! 


To Anonymous #! - missed that one. Made me laugh, though, just to read about it. Thanks to both the blog author and the first commentor.

Anonymous on Feb 10, 2010:

These are great! Do you remember the one with the ice-cream scoop? One snowman is on the ground dead, with an ice-cream scoop stuck in his back. The other snowman is enjoying a snowcone...