How To: High-End Floating Desk and Built-In Office on the Cheap

created at: 10/07/2010

Gene created this very high-end looking built in home office…from IKEA pieces. The Brooklyn-based creative director and passionate collector used BESTA cabinet and NUMERÄR countertops to make this very mod home office for not a ton of money.

created at: 10/07/2010   

The Ikea Besta system does not offer filler panels, so creating a fit to size look requires some hacking of the Besta unit. My wall is 112 inches wide. I used two standard 47 inch cabinets and placed them in the center of each row. There was 9 inches of empty wall space on each side. To fill the space, I cut two 9 inch cabinets for each row. You will also need to cut the hanging track to fit the new size of the end cabinets.

We love seeing such ordinary pieces becoming amazing with some ingenuity and good taste.

DIY: Hacking Ikea BESTA and NUMERAR for a fit to size built in. [Found-NYC]

via IkeaHacker