5 Ways to Up Your Deck Game This Summer

Summer is almost in full swing and that means it’s time to enjoy our decks. Whether it be entertaining, BBQing, or even just retreating to our deck for a little private solitude, we can all be sure of one thing we want to make these spaces functional and beautiful.

Whether you have a clean slate to work with or you have a deck that needs a little TLC, here are 5 sure ways to up your deck game this summer.

Take Your Deck to New Heights

backyard patio stone red chairs fan fire pit
Photo from: alabn via Canva

Add dimension to your yard with a slightly elevated deck. This adds flexibility for entertaining and gives off the appearance of two different areas in your yard. Elevating your deck takes a yard that is completely flat and boring and gives it a new height and dimension.

If you already have a deck and aren’t working with a fresh slate, you can try adding elevation to your current deck by building on top of it. Things like pergolas and gazebos also add in depth and dimension to your deck.

Consider Privacy

private deck evergreen hedge stairs on house
Photo from: irina88w via Canva

For those who like solitude and a place of tranquil retreat, you can add some privacy to your deck in multiple different ways.

A row of potted evergreens can be used as a blocker from nosy neighbors and may even help cut down some notice if you live in the city.

Or consider using a garden trellis and climbing vines. Plants like climbing roses or clematis will grow up lattices and trellis, and after a few years, you will be able to smell an aromatic wall of blooms.

You can go with faux or real plants because these aren’t your grandma’s faux flowers anymore. The faux greenery they have on the market today is so realistic-looking that it’s almost impossible to tell sometimes.

Add in Color

outdoor deck with patio furniture and rug
Photo from: irina88w via Canva

Summer is a time for bright and vibrant colors, so don’t keep your deck dull and boring. Neutrals are trendy right now, but make your outdoor space a place of cheeriness and fun.

Add in color to your patio furniture, throw pillows — even throw down a patterned bright outdoor rug. That’s right, rugs aren’t just for the indoors. You can make your outdoor space cozy and inviting by using an outdoor rug.

Another way to add color is to utilize your fence. Throw up on your fence some bright colored hanging garden decor for a little fun and personality to your yard.

Go for Comfort

comfortable white patio wicker plastic furniture on deck
Photo from PC Photography via Canva

When thinking about replacing or buying patio furniture, always think comfort. After all, you want this to be a place where people actually want to spend time, and no one will want to spend time where they are not comfortable.

The patio furniture game has changed so much and we kiss those plastic ugly and uncomfortable white patio chairs goodbye. Consider purchasing an outdoor sectional for your deck. If you have a large deck, don’t place your furniture so far apart either. If you want to make people feel cozy, pull your furniture in together — this naturally makes people feel cozier.

If you have a large deck you could create a couple of different sitting areas, maybe one for relaxing and another space for eating. Outdoor dining is becoming increasingly popular and with stunning patio dining sets, this is easily achievable.

Don’t Forget Lighting

string lights on pergola at night
Photo from: filo via Canva

Decks aren’t just for daytime. There’s nothing like a cool summer night spent out on a deck under some mood lighting. Light up your deck with different types of lighting and make sure that you can adjust the lighting based on the time of night and your mood.

Strategically placed lights around the deck can help illuminate your way and allow for late-night entertaining or even some late summer night reading.

There are all different types of deck lighting so you may want to incorporate some of these or all. You can also get lighting for pretty much every type of budget. Sites like Amazon are a great place to shop for less expensive lighting solutions like solar lights.

Stair Rails and Step Lighting

stair lighting brick stairs
Photo from: billyogle via Canva

This type of lighting is great for a serene atmosphere. It lights your path and way around the deck but doesn’t overpower your deck with tons of light, so you can really enjoy the feel of the night.

Accent Fixtures

outdoor chandelier hanging on deck patio table
Photo from: chuckcollier via Canva

You can install outdoor chandeliers under a pergola or a deck roof allowing you to bring the indoor living room feel outdoors.

Landscape Illumination

Photo from: Unsplash

Consider using lights in your gardens and in your foliage. You can string solar lights in the trees for stunning backyard illumination.