30 Woodworking Accounts You Should Follow on Instagram

I confess, I'm a shop rat. It doesn't matter what craft—shoemaking, blacksmithing, coffee roasting, even those little watch repair caves with the observation window in jewelry stores at the mall—if there are four walls, some tools, and skilled hands, I'm all over it like white on rice in a glass of milk on a paper plate in a snowstorm.

Other than drawing and writing, I've committed to the handicraft of artisan printing, slinging ink in the letterpress and screen printing arena at my main job. But when I can, I soak up other skills on a hobbyist level to round out my skillset, to apply lessons from other disciplines into my chosen craft, and to just have fun making stuff without the pressure of harnessing it to make a living.

Woodworking is one of those pools that I'm just now starting to wade into, and since I have no idea what I'm doing, I love watching the real deal to see how it's really done. To that end, I've curated the following list of my favorite woodworking accounts on Instagram.

First! ManMadeDIY is on IG, of course.

We're not strictly woodworking, as you know. We also share photos of behind-the-scenes craft projects, food and drink, and all the other creative lifestyle content we discuss on the site. Follow us and say hi, and use the tag #ManMadeDIY to show off your projects. We'd love to see what you're working on. 

1. @adelesbernini — Adele Sbernini

Italian luthier, specifically of violins. Amazing.

2. @epic_woodworking — Tom McLaughlin

PBS woodworking show host, mostly focuses on fine crafted furniture.

3. @burnheartmade — Brendan Gaffney

Woodworker, toolmaker, and editor at Popular Woodworking magazine. Lots of fun workshop photos!

4. @damionfauser — Damion Fauser

Australian furniture maker and craftsman. 

5. @dwfurnituremakers — Matthew Wolfe

Period furniture maker. Lots of good process photos.

6. @thefurnitureinstituteofma — The Furniture Institute of Massachusetts

Lots of inspirational videos featuring various woodworkers.

7. @msbickford — Matt Bickford

This guy makes hand planes and traditional molding planes and shows them in use.

8. @popularwoodworking 

 The account of Popular Woodworking magazine. Enough said.

9. @timothyrousseau — Tim Rousseau

Furniture maker and Fine Woodworking contributor with fun homesteading posts in between.

10.@robinwoodcraft — Robin Wood

British green woodworker and toolmaker.

11. @folkandforest — Folk & Forest

Handcarving, with lots of inspirational photos with good moody, overcast lighting.

12. @woodchuckchick — Maria-Fernanda Nunez Dos Santos

Cabinet maker, with coffee photos.

13. @sauer_and_steiner — Konrad Sauer

“Furniture, hand planes, design, fishing, Star Wars, and a lifelong love of early Porsches.”

14. @lemworks — Lemuel Maldonado

Puerto Rican furniture maker.

15. @arnold_richard — Richard Arnold

British joiner and cabinet maker “with a passion for 18th century woodworking tools and techniques.”

16. @finewoodworkingmagazineFine Woodworking Magazine.

New shoots, archived content, and all around cool content. 

17. @fixthisbuildthat — Brad Rodriguez

Woodworking & DIY from a successful YouTuber

18. @jojowoodcraft — JoJo Wood

British spoon carver in the traditional style. 

19. @mokkouyamagen — Mokkou Yamagen

Japanese woodworker.

20. @jorybrigham_design — Jory Brigham

Furniture maker, plus some awesome handmade shuffleboard tables.

21. @midcenturyfurniture — Christopher Stormer

Co-founder of Joybird, a totally awesome mid-century inspired furniture company in LA.

22. @clock.wright — Rick Hale

This guy makes wooden clockworks. Seriously.

23. @studiomoste — Studio Moste

Slovenian woodworking duo. (Really nice photography.)

24. @sawyer_made — George Sawyer

2nd-generation Windsor chairmaker.

25. @thejoinery_jp — The Joinery

A daily does of animated guides to various methods of joinery.

26. @wend_furniture — Tomokazu Sakurai

Japanese woodworker. Plus, cat photos.

27. @mleggettfurniture — Michael Leggett

Furniture maker.

28. @minimalist_woodworker — Vic Tesolin

Woodworker and, you guessed it, author of The Minimalist Woodworker. (Which I now need to buy.)

29. @james_son_of_james — Jim McConnell

Woodworker, plane maker, copy editor of Mortise & Tenon Magazine. Based in North Carolina. 

30. @lostartpress — Lost Art Press

Publisher of books on hand tool woodworking “…for amateurs and professionals.”

One caveat…

I found that as I researched for this post, I was barely scratching the surface of woodworking Instagram feeds out there. This is a wonderful thing, because it means that there are thousands of hands, all over the world, keeping various woodworking traditions alive.

With that said, I know this list is missing a lot of awesome craftsmen and craftswomen. (Plus, it focuses mostly on furniture makers, and I know there are a lot of other applications of woodworking!) So…

Who'd we miss? Comment below with some of your favorite woodworking accounts!