How To: Vintage Arrow-Inspired Decor

I’ll admit it – it never occurred to me to source or make vintage arrows as a home decor accent piece, but why not? They’re fun, colorful, and masculine-ish/tongue-in-cheek enough to totally make sense in lots of spaces.

Mom Danielle created these bold arrows while making over her sons’ rooms. The shafts are made from dowel rods, and covered in patterned washi tape, fabric scraps, and acrylic tape. And note the erasers as arrow heads – would work quite well with the office supply crossbow, no?      

I’ve been in the process of redecorating my boys’ room since they “moved in together” and are sharing a room. I’ve been perusing the interwebs for months now searching out the perfect items. I remember I had a thought one day that vintage arrows would be so cool as decor, displayed on the wall somehow.  So, I looked online on Etsy & Ebay and found some, but they were pricey! So, I thought to myself “Hey! These wouldn’t be so hard to make!”

I considered going to a local archery store for supplies to make some authentic looking ones, even looking online for the “correct” way to make one. (thinking the Cub Scouts would probably know!)

Then I decided it would be more fun (and inexpensive) to make my own version with various things I already had on hand in my craft stash and at my local craft store. This is what I came up with.

Vintage-Inspired Arrow Decor DIY [Thompson Family]

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