How to: Make a DIY Wood Hard Drive Enclosure

I just can’t help myself – I’m simply a sucker for any attempt to incorporate natural textures into technology. Warming up the digital experience is the best of both worlds, in my book, and reinterpreting what contemporary tools can be, well, it’s just plain fun.

So, of course, I’m loving this natural teak enclosure for a portable hard drive. The handmade look of decorative wood with cables and LEDs bleeping out can’t be beat.


This project came about just because I was a bit fed up with the standard not-that-nice looking black plastic drive case my Western Digital Passport Hard drive came in. The answer was to make my own enclosure.

The only thing I had to hand was wood, so wood it was. I’m not a carpenter, so a few of my methods may make a seasoned chippie squirm, but I’m happy with the end result and I am already planning a MK-II version from what I learnt building this.

How To Build a DIY Wooden Hard Drive Enclosure [Lifehacker]