17 Things You Should Probably Give Up This Year

The first week of January is often about adding things to our list. “This year, I'm going to do this every day, or execute a hundred of those…” Instead, perhaps this is the year you drop some of the stuff that just isn't serving you well. We have a few ideas.     

1. Texting and driving. 

Nothing on your phone,  be it message, email, social media update, or googled answer,  is ever be worth the potential consequences. 

2. Wearing white tube socks.

There's a time and a place for everything. Except for bulky, calf-height, white cotton hosiery. 

3. Screen time during the last hour before bed.

Literally everything you've ever read about improving your sleep has told you to turn off the TV and devices well before you sleep. This year, it's time to take that seriously. 

4. Wasting energy waiting for other people to change.

It will not happen, and you will drive yourself crazy hoping for it. Or if it does, it will be because they wanted to, not because you held vigil. 

5. The $40 meal at the chain restaurant.

If you're going to eat out, make both your dollars and the calories count. 

6. Making decisions based out of fear. 

Don't choose to be safe rather than happy. 

7. Checking your phone the moment you wake up.

This year, start the day with something you're proud of. 

8. Excuses.

The only one who ever believed them is you. And you weren't probably all that convinced either. 

9. Amazon Prime-ing something the second it occurs to you. 

Just wait twenty-four hours before you decide if you really NEED that thing. Your bank account will thank you. 

10. Living only for the weekends.

Once you can enjoy a rainy Monday evening in February, you've found true enlightenment. 

11. Being too proud to say your sorry.

Everyone involved will feel better. Especially you. 

12. Hitting the snooze button. 

Every medical study ever has said this is a terrible idea. You are not smarter than science!

13. Judging people for not opting for the same movies/books/music/clothing you do. 

This is how teenagers behave. Are you a teenager?

14. Driving home after one too many. 

There are currently seven apps on your phone that can get you in your bed without anyone being the wiser. There is absolutely no reason to risk this. 

15. Waiting for “someday.” 

Someday will never, ever be now. If you want it, do it. 

16. Pretending like scrolling through social media is “reading the news.”

It isn't, and you know it. What's going on in the world does not involve photos of your college roommate's newborn or what anyone had for lunch. 

17. Beating yourself up for not having seen every “golden era” television show. 

There isn't enough time. There will never be enough time. If you stopped watching something after episode four, there's a reason for that. 

Happy New Year, all.