Okay, Let’s Talk: What’s Your Favorite Stephen King Novel?

So… I realized something over the weekend. I was listening to a podcast that had intended to have a conversation about the new Dark Tower movie, but since it was, apparently, completely boring and not worth discussing, they decided to chat about their favorite Stephen King books, movie adaptations, mini-series, etc. And it hit me:    

I have never actually read a Stephen King book.     

I started a few when I was too young for them. They were in our house (my dad always had a trade paperback in tow when we were on vacation), and I snuck a couple of them into my room. “Christine” was the first, and there was one about an unborn twin that was born attached to the other dude's brain. (If you recognize this one, please share.)

I was too young for both of them, so I stopped before page 100, and then… I dunno, I just never got around to reading one for the next twenty years.

But, it's fall, and coming up on October, and it seems like as good of a time as any to dig into one. We have a few on our shelves already, but I aim to hit the used bookstore and the public library as well. So I ask you, ManMakers: 

What's your favorite Stephen King novel? How about film adaptations? Short stories?

Richard Bachman, etc, all apply. I'm hoping we can generate a solid list for both new fans and those who've dipped in a bit over the years, so please share your thoughts in the comments below. Cool? Cool.