Note to Self…

A Note to Self: Thursday, August 31, 2017:    

Remember to rest, even when things are going great. 

It's easy to crave time away when you're in a rut, in need of a refresh, or looking for some inspiration. But, right now, I'm actually in a pretty good space.

That doesn't mean there aren't unperceived benefits to stepping away. So, for the rest of this week and next, ManMade is going on vacation.

I'm pretty pumped. I especially like traveling this time of year. Waiting to head out when school is in back in session means the crowds have lightened significantly. But it's also a special time of year. I feel the transition of the seasons: when we leave, it's summer, and when we return, it's autumn.

My wife and I are headed to British Columbia, an easy drive from Portland. I'm especially excited because it will be a mix our usual outdoorsy stuff and an urban vacation, spending a significant amount of time in the cities of both Vancouver and Victoria. Plus, #ferries.

So, take it easy, ManMakers. Enjoy the last dregs of summer. I'll see you soon. 

[Photo at top: Infinite Legroom]