Aug 31, 2017

Note to Self...

A Note to Self: Thursday, August 31, 2017:    

Remember to rest, even when things are going great. 

It's easy to crave time away when you're in a rut, in need of a refresh, or looking for some inspiration. But, right now, I'm actually in a pretty good space.

That doesn't mean there aren't unperceived benefits to stepping away. So, for the rest of this week and next, ManMade is going on vacation.

I'm pretty pumped. I especially like traveling this time of year. Waiting to head out when school is in back in session means the crowds have lightened significantly. But it's also a special time of year. I feel the transition of the seasons: when we leave, it's summer, and when we return, it's autumn.

My wife and I are headed to British Columbia, an easy drive from Portland. I'm especially excited because it will be a mix our usual outdoorsy stuff and an urban vacation, spending a significant amount of time in the cities of both Vancouver and Victoria. Plus, #ferries.

So, take it easy, ManMakers. Enjoy the last dregs of summer. I'll see you soon. 


[Photo at top: Infinite Legroom]



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BJ on Sep 03, 2017:

Did you mean Victoria, B.C.? I'm unfamiliar with Victory, just asking. Enjoy your time away.

Chris on Sep 01, 2017:

@S. Moring - Thanks for the well wishes. Glad you had a fun time during your eclipse trip!

The image is of Garibaldi Lake, near Whistler. It's the first hike we have planned this trip. That's in BC, right?!

S. Moring on Aug 31, 2017:

Enjoy BC (my home province). I was just in your beautiful state of Oregon enjoying Portland's many charms, the coast, and (of course) the eclipse.

The proud British Columbian in me needs to point out that your picture is of the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, BC's neighbour to the immediate east! lol.

All the best on your trip.