Today, We’re Totally Obsessed with: Gravity Glue

Anyone who loves hiking or outdoor exploration is familiar with the cairn, that characteristic stacks of rocks used as a trailmarker, warning a steep overhang, or just a general, leave-just-a-little trace that someone was here. At first, each cairn is a little discovery, a naturalist's work of art that puts design and intentional experience into the landscape. And then you see them multiple times on every. single. trek. you take, and your eyes just gloss over them after awhile. (Unless you're lost. They're always welcome when you're lost.)   

Gravity Glue, a series by “balance artist” Michael Grab, seeks to put meaning back into the outdoor stone stack. Equal parts Andy Goldsworthy and Alexander Calder, these artful piles somehow become greater than the sum of their parts.

Here's a little video on the process. As you'll see, there's no magic, or hardware/adhesives, involved.

Perhaps it's my wintertime cabin fever, but I haven't found something so inspiring in months. 

See them all at: Gravity Glue by Michael Grab