How To: Turn a Vintage Radio into a Portable iPod Speaker

Turn a 1950s wireless into a portable ipod speakerAh, the twenty-first century, and its provision to take weeks of music with you stored on a single device. Yet, in order to play these lovely contraptions for an audience, you music employ a speaker system, which are often shiny black plastic and simple won’t do for a vintage-inspired decor.

So, what’s a antique or retro enthusiast to do? Why, build a custom iPod speaker system within a vintage radio housing, of course.

Instructable-r Sladek found this old 1950s wireless radio, ripped out the guts, and created a whole new portable (i.e. battery powered) hi – fi system from scratch.

Modern music. Modern fidelity. Vintage looks. We love it.

Turn a 1950s wireless into a portable ipod speaker [Instructables]