Nov 28, 2016

Good Idea: Make This Leather Lunch Tote as a Holiday Gift

Photo: Design Sponge

NOW is the time to start making those DIY gifts you want to give your loved ones this year. I have a bad habit of usually waiting until Christmas decorations start flooding my visual field before I remember that I want to make a bunch of DIY gifts each year, and by that time it's often too late to start working on the good ones. So don't make my same mistakes, get going no this DIY Leather Lunch Tote today!   


Photo: Design Sponge

It's a very hip way to encourage more frugal/sustainable eating habits not to mention it looks very cool! Also it totally works as tiny tool kit. 

Photo: Design Sponge


Check out the full project on DesignSponge.com.


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ted lambert on Nov 30, 2016:

i want a closed casket
and Pop Goes The Weasel is the song i want played!