Smart Tips and Tricks for Taking Seriously Awesome Outdoor and Travel Photos

Gear Patrol

My Instagram feed is about 50/50 with friends and outdoorsy travel photographers. I try to get out in wilderness as much as I can, and when I can't, I try to at least keep some photographic inspiration readily at hand. And let's be honest, probably all of us have tried our hand at capturing that gorgeous vista to which we couldn't quite do justice…    

Gear Patrol recently profiled photographer Bradley Castañeda who's previously worked with such outdoorsy brands as Jeep, Gore-Tex, and REI. The result is an article detailing a handful of helpful tips for those of us who'd like to improve our landscape photography. There'll be a couple standard ideas here such as the compositional rule of thirds, but also some more detailed things like filter and camera recommendations. If nothing else, it'll add a little flame to that get-on-out-there fire.

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