How to: Make this Acoustic Phone Amplifier

Like many of our readers, I’m a huge audiobook and podcast guy. I actually have to set aside intentional space to just sit alone with my own thoughts and think, because if I’ve got any mundane tasks to do around the house and nobody else is home, I’m rocking some auditory learning…    

I often listen on headphones but when you do it as often as I do, you kinda get annoyed with earbuds in all the time. But on the flipside, I also don’t like to be tethered to an aux cable in a single room since I’m often having to walk around and would rather keep that phone with me. The two solutions, bluetooth (obviously) or a better system for amplifying audio.

Robin Lewis found his solution by handcrafting this Acoustic Phone Amplifier which solves the auditory problem, looks hip, and still keeps the phone easy to retrieve. Click here to view the full instructions or check out the video above.