How to: Build a Survival Hut from Grass

I'm consistently blown away by the ingenuity of mind behind PrimitiveTechnology. We’ve featured his work before, and if you haven’t seen him, he’s created a series of wordless YouTube videos in which he showcases brilliant yet simple survival skills that could make all the difference to one’s survival in the wilderness. And while I love learning survival skills as much as the next guy, there’s something more to his videos that strike me…   

I think it’s how meditative they are. His edits keep a good pace without lingering on shots after he’s given you the requisite knowledge to do whatever step he’s showing you, with the result that each video is exactly as long as it needs to be with no added frills or fat.

This video below is what got me thinking about his work, in which he demonstrates how to build a grass hut. It took him seven days to do it, but it could easily be done in less time. It took him one day to clear the area of brush, a second day to build the frame and then five days to find enough grass. He claims those five days would have been much shorter had he not built it in a relatively grass-less area which forced him to trek deeper into the mountains to collect grass. Do it in a field and you avoid this problem.

Check out the video and let us know what are some of your favorite meditative videos like this.