Pony Farts: Yo-yo How-To with Bay Area Renaissance Man Doctor Popular

By Polly Conway, Guest Blogger

created at: 09/09/2010

Doctor Popular, aka Doc Pop, is a true renaissance man here in the Bay Area. As a person with a lot of interests myself, I’m always excited to learn about other dabblers who have a laundry list of skills and pursuits. The good Doctor describes himself as a “game designer, illustrator, tailor, rapper, and super nerd.” Excellent. I’ve also met the man and can attest to his niceness and enthusiasm about the yo-yo lifestyle. 

At my house, we’re proud owners of a Doc Pop yo-yo, and while my own skills are questionable, my bf can walk the dog like a pro. I’d like to get my hands on the above wooden model, which should become available to purchase this week. 

If you’ve handled a yo-yo before, give this trick a try: it’s called “Pony Farts,” which pretty much makes my millennium.

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