How to: to Beat Those Boardwalk Games Like A Champ

I wish I could say I loved winning as much as I hate losing (what’s up, negativity bias) but unfortunately I can’t. So generally speaking I avoid boardwalk-type games that are usually unevenly weighted against the participant, but the recent fervor of state fair mania in my hometown got me thinking about them, when I conveniently came across this…   It’s Cool Material’s “Foolproof Way to Beat Those Boardwalk Games” and its definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for some good pointers. 

There are tips on water guns, balloon darts, even the strength tester where you give your best John Henry. Additionally, I’d put this in the Good Uncle Skills category if we have one. Not an essential skill for fatherhood, but still a fun way to entertain kids with your prowess while bonding and passing on your knowledge.