Sep 06, 2016

How to: Forge This Damascus Knife with an Antler Handle

I'm a huge Legends of the Fall fan, to the point that I was actually embarrassed when I saw it for the first time in my early twenties because I realized I'd spent much of my life emulating a character I hadn't known existed. While I did take the time to study a Native American language, I have yet to make forge my own antler-hilted blade like Brad Pitt's iconic weapon of choice... 
However I did just come across this informative tutorial from Instructables user Minnear Knives with an incredibly detailed guide to forging your first bladed weapon with an antler hilt. The guide also focuses on the often overlooked step of an integral bolster which will forge the transition area between the blade and the handle into place. His design ultimately creates a smaller blade than Pitt's buck knife, but hey everyone starts somewhere.


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