Make This: A Classy Succulent Terrarium

FinishedBringing a bit of green into your office looks good and can really spruce up the space. Here’s how to make your own.   

I’ve always been a fan of watching growth. Just one problem, I’m just horrible at keeping green things alive. That’s what I like about terrariums, they are much more resilient than typical pots thanks to the glass containers and layered construction. So, if you want to get something green in your office this is something you want to check out.Parts

Another great aspect of the glass container is watching the roots explore the layers, and see the moisture filter through. The daily growth is a great reminder during a busy day to keep things in perspective and take a breath every now and then.

Here are the details on making your own terrarium for an quick upgrade to whatever space needs a bit more green in your life.