Is This the Perfect Workbench for the DIYer?

created at: 08/25/2016

Troy spent a few weeks researching and comparing workbench designs, and he thinks he's done it. This is, as he calls it, the perfect garage workbench.

His argument is thus:   

  • It's strong and heavy to take a beating, but is still able to be disassembled for storage…like, in case someone wants to do something silly in the garage like park a car in it. The top can be removed and the side assemblies taken apart to store in a relatively compact package (for a workbench).
  • It's made of affordable dimensional lumber from the home center – Douglas fir 2x8s, 2x4s, and 4x4s.
  • It's mobile on one side, so it can be moved to serve as an outfeed table for a table saw, or to be moved outside to work in the open air on nice days
  • It's got traditional workbench features such as a face vise, thick top, and the legs feature rock solid joinery – wedged tenons.

And? We gotta say. We might be convinced. The doug fir will wear down faster than something like hard maple, and it might rack a bit due to it's breakdown construction, but for something that can be built in a weekend and will last you very many years as you get started in woodworking, craft projects, and general around-the-house DIYing, this one's a serious contender.

Check it out at Troy's Instructable: Perfect Workbench

Also! Of course, we're pretty happy with the new bench we built for the ManMade HQ. It's not a traditional woodworking/joiner's bench, but it's a great option for the garage and basement-based tinkerer. Learn more here.