Crafting a Custom Bar Stool from Construction Lumber

Evan is the crafter and store owner behind Mr. Lentz, a leather goods and wooden accessories shop. He’s also a great story teller and tinkerer, and we love when he posts his narrative builds as a look into the creative process.

This time, he set out to build a bar stool from scratch, without plans or measured drawings and made solely from dimensional lumber (2x4s, etc) from the home center. 

He details the process in a three-part series, which begins,

Now I’m not typically a ‘precision’ kind of guy. At least in the field of woodworking and joinery (inleatherwork I couldn’t stop that evolution). So when I decided to build this stool for my workshop I kind of thought it would be fairly simple. Boy was I wrong…and sometimes you have to face that as a DIYer. The fact is, with a stool – the more precise you can be in measuring lengths and angles…the less headaches you will have down the road.

It’s fascinating to watch someone you respect think through each step, planning as things go along. It’s these kinds of projects, and the mistakes/fixes that come along as things progress, where you really learn and continue to develop your craft.

Check out the full process here: How to Make a Bar Stool DIY: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3