Jul 18, 2016

How to: Build a Rustic Cedar Hot Tub for Under $1,000

 Alyssa and Jesse run their own homestead deep in the mountains of Idaho after moving off the grid and blogging about their every endeavor on their blog Pure Living For Life. They're DIYer's with a penny-pinching mindset that keeps them on the lookout for great projects at little cost, which is how I ended up coming across this Rustic Cedar Hot Tub Built  for Under $1,000...    

 According to the Alyssa, the hardest part of building the hot tub was finding enough cedar boards at an affordable price that were knot-free, although you could easily swap out for a cheaper lumber yourself. The hot tub is then powered by wood and fire so you'll be able to save on that electric bill while impressing your friends with your rustic sensibilities especially in the winter months. 

 Click here to get started or check out the first of their video series below:


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David on Jul 22, 2016:

Ah, okay. Thanks for clarifying, Chris. I watched the video where Alyssa gives a tour of the property and at one point she points and talks about looking down the "Oklahoma panhandle" so I assumed that's where they were. 

David on Jul 21, 2016:

I think the homesteading couple is in Oklahoma, not Idaho.