Make This: Build A DIY Hammock Stand This Weekend

Hammock StandAh, the hammock. My best summer naps happen swinging gracefully in its embrace. But what happens when the trees are too far apart or no where to be found? You build this stand and start napping as soon as it’s complete.

Hammock StandThis simple hammock stand can be made for about $40 worth of materials, but still looks good enough to blend right in. Made from simple home improvement supplies, the hardest part will be figuring out which part of the backyard you want to set it up in.

Another great part about a hammock stand is the ability to move it around a bit, so you can choose sun or shade or any combo in between. hammock stand

Take a look at all the steps to make your own here, and start seizing these beautiful summer days by laying down and catching some needed Z’s.