Do This: How to Make Your Own Maple Syrup

Tapping A Maple Tree

There’s nothing better than real maple syrup on that steaming stack of flapjacks. If you live in an area where the maple trees sway, then you can make your own. Take a look.   I never really thought much about maple syrup before it ended up in the bottle on my shelf. Surem, I knew that pure maple syrup is made from processing a tree’s sap somehow, but I never thought about how that sap was harvested, or what happened after it came out. So, I did some digging and found a great process. So, once the sap is tapped and drained from the tree, there’s a bit of a process to make it the delicious sweet syrup we all love. Finished Maple Syrup

The process of tapping a tree and collecting the sap is all about knowing the tools and where to actually insert the tap. After the sap is collected there is the second process of boiling the materials down to make it into actual syrup. It’s a bit complex but in the end if you can boil water you shouldn’t have too much trouble.Read all about the process to tap the trees and make your own Maple Syrup here.