Jun 15, 2016

The Glass House Built Around A Tree

A significant number of my childhood fantasies revolved around tree houses - but this design by Kazakh architect Aibek Almassov just flips the whole idea on its head. Almassov originally designed the cylindrical glass house that entirely surrounds a fir tree in 2013, but his financial backers pulled out leaving the project in suspended animation. But everything is changing now that glass and solar companies are starting the conversation up again...   The one piece of design I don't fully understand is how the bathroom works; or really just I'm just observing that it appears to be totally open to the wood through a glass wall as well.

Almassov is hoping to begin construction on the project in early 2017 in Almaty, Kazakstan if all of the financing comes through. 

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tom ackerson on Jun 15, 2016:

has anyone discussed this with a licensed arborist? if the tree lives, which i think may not happen, you will have to expand the very well designed home.if it dies, you have a lot of firewood.

Ben on Jun 15, 2016:

Not for two year olds because the drop through the gap is fatal.