How To: Make a Rustic Wooden Mallet

created at: 08/30/2010

There are rubber mallets, seafood mallets, percussion mallets, and then there are the paint-can-sealing, furniture-making, wooden-stake-into-vampire-heart-driving handmade wooden mallets, as you see above.

We bet you can guess which we prefer.  

Michele Beschen teaches how to make a mallet from found hardwood. She uses a chuck-mountable tenon cutter, which are, like, crazy expensive, but we think you could probably get the same effect cutting most of the waste with a saw, then shaping the rest by hand.

Still, once you own a tenon cutter, you own a tenon cutter (albeit in one-size), which might be justifiable if you make at least ten or so for Christmas gifts this year.

Watch the how-to video at B. Organic – Rustic Mallet