How to: Make a Clock from Scratch in Your Home Shop

O let not Time deceive you / You cannot conquer Time,’ wrote W. H. Auden, and what better way to feel the constant crushing weight of your impending mortality than watching the gorgeous hands go round on a clock that you spent hours endeavoring to make? Thanks to Clickspring who produced this 16 part YouTube series on How To Make A Clock In The Home Machine Shop you too can have a continual reminder of the ravishes of time in your very own home! [But seriously, it’s a magnificent-looking clock]   

In addition to in-depth videos documenting the creation of every cog and wheel, Clickspring shows you how to craft all of the parts (0ther than the mainspring) entirely from raw stock. He even shows you how to build many of the tools that you’ll need by machining them at home. It’s no walk in the park, but in the end you’ll have a stunning Large Skeleton Wheel Clock built entirely from scratch. 

Source: Clickspring via Popular Mechanics