Upgrade Poker Night With a Classy Set of Cards

Medallion Playing CardsTired of staring at the same boring face cards every Friday night? Upgrade that deck with some much more compelling designs. They may not help you bluff any better, but at least you can give up that ante in style.   I’ve spent a few evenings raking in plenty of chips from my friends, and plenty more giving them all back. But no matter how the night goes, a few hours around the felt is time well spent. Upgrading a few items along the way will only make the time a bit more fun, and where better to begin than the cards. Monarch Playing Cards

I snagged a set of Steampunk Bicycle cards last year for gifts, and after they came in the mail I went ahead and got a set of my own. There’s something special about using a set of well-designed cards, they just seem to make the game just a bit more classy, and for a just a few $5 chips you can upgrade that game in just the right way.

Take a look at the entire collection here, snag a few sets for gifts, and don’t forget to get a few classy decks for yourself. Have a favorite style? We’d love to hear what deck you’re using for poker night now!Monarch Cards