Feb 16, 2016

How to: Drive On Ice and Snow Like a Pro

Mazda recently held their inaugural Mazda Ice Academy in Crested Butte, Colorado. What's that, you ask? Apparently Mazda invited a bunch of journalists to the snowy mountains to have them test out their newest models in blizzard and bizarre conditions. Part of this particular boot camp however included extended training on how to drive in snowy conditions.   

And Drew Hoss of Cool Material took some extended notes to keep you safe on the road. Check them out here. 


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bruno on Feb 19, 2016:

Ahh - ok, that makes sense. Thanks!

Anonymous on Feb 19, 2016:

I clicked on the Mazda link instead of the Cool Material link. Guess there were some tips on there.

bruno on Feb 19, 2016:

@anonymous - did you actually click through to read the article? Yes, it's about Mazda, but there are actually lots of good tips in there, and iActive isn't mentioned once. We always appreciate feedback (even criticism), but I don't really get where you're coming from this time.

Anonymous on Feb 19, 2016:

So the ManMade way to drive on ice and snow is to buy a Mazda with iActiv drive? Linkbait much?