Make This: Shop Made Wooded Hinge

Wooden HingesShop hinges are a great way to make a piece customized to look smooth and streamlined. They can also be integrated right into the back for a seamless design. We take a look at what it takes to make this interesting hinge in detail.   While most of our projects work great with metal hinges, sometimes a wooden hinge is a great focal point to make it stand out. I’ve seen some impressive projects with integrated hinges that act as a stop to keep the top from falling back too far as well. Once you understand the concept of the hinge, the applications seem to show up on every project. For example, picture these on the doors of my next side table project.Wooden Hinges

Making the hinge starts out cutting the teeth, then half are cut out for the matching side. This is an instance where a coping saw comes in handy with the thin, easy to control blade.Wooden Hinges

The final design can be finished in a variety of ways to make it match the project. This one was rounded and finished dark. Take a look at the step by step instructions with plenty of pictures over at Instructables here.