Dec 31, 2015

How to: Sew This Awesome Weekend Bag

I recently saw Spectre and was struck by how many amazing suits James Bond had (naturally), and that he somehow managed to fit them all into a single leather duffle bag (unnaturally). Now I'm a big sucker for quality duffle or weekend bags, even if they don't possess Mary Poppins magic. After scoping around the internet a bit for some cheap ones to purchase it occurred to me making one would be way cooler...   And that's when I found this Safari Duffle in Canvas or Faux Leather from Sew4Home.com. The guide is incredibly detailed and looks like it wouldn't be too hard for a first time (albeit ambitious) project. Not to mention the bag looks pretty dope. 

Check out the guide here and please let us know if you make one of your own!



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Lana on Jan 05, 2016:

Oh man, I love this! I have a pattern for a very similar bag, however, the materials you used really make the bag top level -- I think that's key. Look forward to making this!