Make This: Wood Block Wall Calendar

Wooden Blocks Here’s a simple and awesome looking idea for a family calendar that will actually look good on the wall in our house. Made from reclaimed shop wood and painted with a clear chalkboard paint, this simple weekend project will have plenty of use for years to come.  

The schedule in my home is a chaotic mess. With two adults and a few kids all crossing paths throughout the day, it’s a full time project to keep it all organized. To keep us all sane, there has to be a central spot in the house where we all can check in and see what’s happening for the day. 

Cutting to Width

The design of this calendar is great, small blocks of wood that are easy to make in bulk, simple staining techniques, and a clean border to clean it all up. The stenciled letters can be as complicated or simple as you need.  Stenciled Letters

One of the many benefits of making something yourself is the ability to customize. The finished project here looks a bit too scrapbook-y and shabby chic for our white and cherry kitchen space so we’ll be brightening up the wood finish to match the grey walls a bit better, and using a stronger, less curly typeface, etc. But overall, the easy to follow instructions will get you a custom designed wall calendar you won’t feel like hiding away. Here’s the link to the full article with step-by-step instructions and the final reveal picture.

Did you make one of these? We’d love to see it!