DIY Idea: Wooden Shoe Storage Done Right

Shoe Storage

I’ll let you in on a little secret, my shoes are pretty much the most abused part of my wardrobe. Here’s a storage solution to change that, and make them downright pampered.   I’m not proud of my closet. It’s a place in the house where clothes and accessories get stashed, stored, and forgotten; and the worst part of my closet is the shoe section. It’s not really a section as much as a stacked pile, with runners on top of dress, canvas flats stacked on hiking boots. The problem, is that dirty soles leave scuffs and stains on my otherwise great shoes. Something must be done, and I just don’t want any more thin hanging Ikea cubbies in my life.  So when I saw this amazing wood storage solution, I also saw a bit of hope for my over-stuffed closet.

created at: 12/07/2015

With a price tag well above my budget, I’ll be working on making these rather than getting a set delivered. But the design seems pretty straightforward, with a few very awesome embellishments; so here’s a great inspirational upgrade for your tired closet as well. If you visit this breakdown on Core77, you can see some closeups of the construction: they’re basically flatsawn pine boxes that can stack and be attached and combined in several configurations. (And if you note their critiques, you can avoid the same mistakes in your custom version.)

Shoe Storage

Take a look and let us know if you have any solutions for the footwear disaster in your closet. There are lots more photos and details at Core77.