Aug 18, 2010

The Bat House: Awesome, Hilarious, and Totally DIYable

created at: 08/18/2010

Valencia, Spain-based designers Estudio Estres have created this upside-down birdhouse for bats. "Inspired by and designed to match these minute animals called bats, that suffer the dichotomy of acting as an efficient herbivore whilst being a symbol of man's most hidden fears."

We're thinking it's beautiful, very clever, and quite easy to recreate at home. A basic box birdhouse, some belts from the thrift store, and a permanent marker to add the battiness.   Estres - Read more at Moco Loco



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Sean on Aug 19, 2010:

A narrow slit running the length of the roof would probably work best.  An opening on the back probably wouldn't be effective in luring the bats in.  To be honest I would question whether the nice white finished surface would lure them in.  I live in a heavily wooded area and know some folks that build bat boxes.  They use regular spruce, pine, cedar, etc to construct the boxes.  They blend in and "smell" natural.  I'm not sure bats would be that interested in something this fancy.  Things this fancy wouldn't really be necessary anyway as no one would really see it if it was placed properly.

Chris on Aug 19, 2010:

Sean - Would a 3 or 4" hole in the roof solve the problem? What about the back?

Sean on Aug 18, 2010:

I saw these things on some other blog a few days ago.  They look really cool, but they're entirely non-functional.  Bats won't use them, as they have to fly up through the bottom.  The designers should have done some research before jumping into this one.