Nov 17, 2015

How Manholes Are Made (It's Not What You'd Think)

I've recently become fascinated by the artistry that goes into objects that I interact with on a daily basis but normally consider too quotidian to think about. And manhole covers definitely fall into that category.  They're an essential part of any city's infrastructure and their design and manufacture isn't something that should be overlooked. And now, thanks to this National Geographic short, you can pull back the curtain and see how the majority of manhole covers in the US are made... in India.    

It's shocking to see such an icon of modern American infrastructure created in such antique methods in a world that feels like it stands at such a remove from our own. Nevertheless it's a fascinating two minutes from filmmaker Natasha Raheja's documentary, Cast in India


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Anonymous on Nov 18, 2015:

The problem is that any american company would be shut down immediately. It is hard to compete when standards are as such. The responsibity falls on the NYC buyers and administrators.  I work hard everyday to ensure our employees are safe with good healthcare and make a good wage. Make you own opinion.

Ps. l fan of your website, good work.