Looking for a Unique Gift? How About a DIY Ring Made from Colored Pencils?

Colored Pencil RingWe all love to give unique gifts. The kind that are handmade but striking, and memorable enough to stand out next to that coffeehouse giftcard. Make this polished ring from colored pencils and you’re sure to leave an impression.   Turning a very normal set of colored pencils into a pile of used sawdust is usually the job of a 6 year old as they scribble all over that coloring book. But this project takes the very same supplies and creates an impressive and one-of-a-kind ring instead. The process is deceptivly simple but incredibly creative and really reminds me that there’s beauty to be found just about anywhere, it’s just a matter of having an eye to see it.
Glued Up Pencils

Take a look at his video below for a really cool overview of how to make something like this yourself.

After that, it’s time to take a look around your place and find something unique to make from that pile of toys.