Clean Out Your Scrap Pile with These 10 DIY Project Ideas

Wood Pile

I am a total scrap hoarder. Whether it’s wood, metal or other trinkets, I can’t help but think to myself that one day I will use some of these. From time to time, I search the depths of Pinterest to find some really good uses for all the junk I collect. Because if I don’t I might not have a workshop to work in anymore!

Here’s a collection of some of my go-to ideas on sites like Pinterest to get your brain storming on what you can do with your growing pile of scrap in your own shop.

Some photos contain actual DIY project links, others are just inspiration.

Get a good forstner bit and turn your cut-offs into some votive holders.

cut off votive candles

Tis the season for pumpkins. How about a few rustic pumpkins for your front porch?

scrap pumpkins

Make a super simple table centerpiece with some 2x4s

scrap wood and mason jar centerpiece

How about a bathroom storage ladder from a few strips of old wood?

Rustic bathroom ladder

Give yourself a real challenge and figure out how to construct a side table like this one. I think I might have to try this one next!

scrap wood side tabls

If you have some large, left over cast iron pipe, maybe you can spruce up your backyard with a few rusty succulent planters!

rusted steel planters

Those leftover copper cutoffs can turn into a steampunk wall planter.

copper wall planter

If you happen to have loads of scrap fabric from old shirts or unused rags, turn them into twine! My wife and I use a lot of our leftover fabric to make into decorative twine for gifts. It’s a big hit.

scrap twine

Let’s not forget about leather! Turn all your leftover leather scraps into a simple key fob.

leather key fob

And finally, for all those little cutoffs you can’t help but save, turn them into a nice piece of wall art! 

Like this:

Mosaic Wall art

Or this literal scrap mantel wall!

wood scrap wall

What are some ways you like to turn your scraps into DIY gold?