Maker Series: Premium, Artisanal, Handcrafted Firewood from This is That

I’m a fan of doing things yourself. I love how much goes into creating something unique with quality materials, and the ability to customize it for the space it will live. But I can’t make everything and I still appreciate a well-made product. That’s where the market for artisanal pieces comes in.    If I can’t make it myself, I want to support those that can and so my house is checkered with pieces made by others with the same spirit of quality and style. The problem with well made, one-off pieces is that the price for those products can spike. Here’s a great look at the burgeoning world of Artisinal firewood, and the very pinnacle of custom decor:

Credit: This is That (CBC)

Now that you’ve seen the potential for your very orderly firewood stash out back, take a look around and find something else worth turning from burnable trash into equally burnable treasure.

Funny…but we still totally want that apron that dude is wearing.