Sep 09, 2015

Blow My Mindsday: September 9, 2015

Each Wednesday, I post some of my favorite can't-miss links, images, and otherwise mindblowing goodies from across the web. 


This excellent collection of coffee blogs, news sources, and social media accounts worth following will make you wish it was already tomorrow morning.    

Check out the full list at The Kitchn: 9 Blogs for Coffee Lovers


A super simple, straightforward mini-woodworking project. It's amazing what a little math can do. DIY Triangle Shelves [DesignSponge.com]

The Draft Top safely cuts beer cans to turn them into glasses so you can better experience what's inside. It's looks to be awesome,  but that $45 price point seems like it might be a sticking point for the general public. It looks well made and I'm sure its worth it, but not sure for whom that's a $45 need aching to be solved.  Check out their Kickstarter: Draft Top


This dude sure can make a sand sculpture. See more at Junkculture: Matt Kaliner Creates Spontaneous Sand Sculptures Using Water Sand and Driftwood



Oh my. Dovetail Record Crate by Symbol Audio




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E H on Sep 09, 2015:

The IKEA can opener with the ergonomic, rubberized grip will do the same thing to beer cans, as I learned after if froze one ...