Skill Builder: How to Get Started In Screenprinting

Screen PrintingWe all come in contact with screenprinted goods every day… there’s a good chance you’re wearing something screenprinted right now. It’s is an impressive way to personalize just about anything you can think of, and it’s really not that hard to start. Here are a few starter kits to help start down the road to making your own art and customizing everything you can get your hands on.   DIY Print Shop Kit

1. This first kit looks like a great value when just getting started. It comes with enough supplies to learn how to do it right. Quality on this t-shirt kit looks to be very good. $199Screen Printing Kit

2. Blick’s kit is quite a bit more expensive but includes more supplies so after averaging that out it may still be worth the money. Still, it’s a big hurdle to get into the hobby. $475

Amazon Screen Printing Kit

3. Amazon has a small starter kit without the lever action tool for tabletop printing. This affordable kit is a good starting point, but it is probably worth the extra coin to get the lever action for t-shirts and other fabric items. $99

4. Here’s an assemble-it-yourself post that gets you started for around $75 (note: those are 2007 prices). This a la cart method allows you to get exactly what you need, and nothing you don’t.

Here’s a look at an inspirational screenprint overview from a guy who really knows the craft:

No matter how you start, there’s plenty of creativity in the process and I can’t wait to hear about the projects you’re making with this new-found skill-set.