How To: Make “Bachelor’s Jam” by Preserving Fresh Fruit with Booze


Last summer, I took the plunge into home canning, and while I’m getting the hang of it, it’s complex. It only makes sense when doing LOTS of goodies at one time, and there are particular recipes to make sure the produce is properly cooked for preservation.

So, we’re loving this idea: bachelor’s jam (or officer’s jam) employs the bacteria-preventing power of liquors and spirits to preserve fresh fruit, resulting in two wonderful things – alcohol soaked fresh fruit, and fresh fruit soaked alcohol. 🙂

“[One] recipe calls for one pound of sugar per pound of fruit,layering the sugar atop the fruit in a nonreactive container and covering the whole thing with brandy, rum or your other spirit of choice. [Another] recommends cutting the sugar in half, explaining that the alcohol provides all the preservative power you need,and you can always further sweeten the mix later. After an aging period that can range from six weeks to several months, the result is a potent mix of sweet, liquor-pickled summer fruits appropriate for topping sponge cake or ice cream, along with a flavorful cordial to accompany this adult dessert.”

Mmmm…liquor pickles.

Bachelor’s Jam: Preserving Fresh Summer Fruits with Booze [Serious Eats]