You Actually Do Have Room For A Pool

Small Pool Plunge

When the weather turns hot, it’s always nice to find some water to take a dip. The most convenient way to cool off, is to have a pool right outside that slider but most of the time there just isn’t enough space for our own personal oasis, or is there?   It’s summer, so my mind is on the water most of the time right now, and so it’s no surprise this post caught my eye. These small pools are generally called plunge pools as they are mostly deeper than they are wide, but as long as it get me wet and cooled off, you can feel free to call it whatever you want.Small Backyard Pool

So go take a look at your backyard with fresh eyes and figure out where to put that little concrete-cast plunge pool, it’s too hot to not have a little piece of water out there.

Take a look at all the pools here.Backyard Pool