How to: Modify an Inexpensive Tool Cart to Organize All Your Hand Tools

created at: 07/17/2015

My buddy and colleague Timothy spied this great video tutorial for turning this affordable three-level tool cart into a full-on organization system for all of your tools. Mark Massingill starts with this basic cart from Harbor Freight, then outfits with 3/8″ plywood and some hardwood scraps to make a little cradle or hook for each of his hand tools. Mark’s more of a mechanic, so he creates a screwdriver rack and a place for each of his sockets and wrenches (in order, so he can find the right size), but you could apply this technique to any style of handtool to keep them organized. If you can find an old office cart or other used item on Craigslist, the project becomes even less expensive. 

Check it out in the video below, and read more of Timothy’s original post at the Lifehacker’s Workshop Blog