You Can Build This House for $4,000

4k house

I’ve always been a fan of small houses. In small spaces, everything has a purpose, and everything is so easy to organize because you can’t fit much in there to clutter it up. Here’s the plans and instructions to build your own very small (cozy) cabin for about $4k.   Just think of all the things you could do without a house payment. First, there’s the inevitable vegas trip, a few weekends (heck, how about weeks) at the beach, and that shiny new toy something in the driveway. Of course, living in a positively tiny house has a few drawbacks, like no privacy, no entertaining, no pets bigger than sparky the fish, and no escape when that taco tuesday catches up with your spouse on wednesday evening.One Room Cabin

Thinking about it a bit more, I’m all for the tiny space but would probably have to push a few of these together to make it all work. Still, 12k isn’t too bad for three awesome tiny homes in a row. Click here to head over and get a free PDF planset to build your own small house for less than a used Corolla.