Jul 08, 2015

Upgrade Your Headboard with Peel-and-Stick Wood Boards

stikwood headboard

It's always a great deal when you not only stumble on a great project to tackle, you learn about new products at the same time. I recently found this amazing IKEA hack that featured a new product called Stikwood. I simply cannot wait to get my hand on some boxes of this product.

First off, lets check out this awesome project where you take a plain IKEA headboard and adhere the wood sticks to the back to create a wonderful wood backdrop.

stikwood headboard

Check out the entire project over at Sugar and Cloth.


Now, let's check out some Stikwood.

Stikwood wall



I could only find uses like wall art and headboards online, but I can totally envision using them to cover ply-boxes for side tables, refacing simple cabinet doors or creating light-weight, real-wood signage and artwork. 

Learn more about Stikwood.



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Connor on Jul 08, 2015:

Seems a little bit pricy