This Is What Google’s AI Sees When It Daydreams

You know those creative types who just can’t stop creating no matter what they do? Or that philosophical friend who just can’t relax in his endless search for meaning? Put those together and add a dash of Phillip K. Dick and this is what you’ll get: the visual daydreams of Google.   

It all started last February when Google’s image recognition software began to surpass humans’ abilities. Google’s engineers later found that they could teach the AI software to daydream by giving it an object to recognize in an image that doesn’t contain the object they provided (which, if you think about it, is almost exactly what daydreaming is – filtering out and searching through the present to envision the pressing thing in your mind). The AI’s neural network begins functioning overtime and producing these bizarre fractal-like patterns. The only question now is: Does it dream of electric sheep?

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