Jun 22, 2015

Free Stuff! Win an Aeropress - The Best Coffee Maker on the Planet

created at: 02/12/2015
Earlier this year,  we posted about the fascinating story of the invention of the AeroPress, a $25 plastic device that makes the best single cup of home-brewed coffee we've ever tasted. Our readers seemed to like that post so much, so we reached out to Aerobie (makers of the AeroPress, and, yes, the amazing flying disc) and asked if they'd let us give away a few ... and they gave a very enthusiastic and caffeinated thumbs up. 

Can't wait to see if you win the giveaway? Or just want to read all the reviews? Click here for the full product listing at Amazon. It has a 4.6/5-star rating with 3,500 reviews!

Anyway, this isn't a sponsored post, and we're not getting paid to endorse this product (we just seriously, truly love it and wake up in the middle of the night thinking about delicious coffee). We like an opportunity to give our devoted readers free stuff! Here's what you have to do to enter to win of of the three AeroPresses we have to give away:


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bruno on Jun 26, 2015:

Thanks to everyone who entered; this giveaway is now CLOSED. Congrats to our winners (randomly selected): Danielle B., Seth C., and Travis B.



Anonymous on Jun 25, 2015:

Love coffee. Love free. CofFREE is the best!

Anonymous on Jun 25, 2015:

Great timing, just read the "9 tips to jumpstart your morning" post and this little guy will surely come in handy.   Thanks for the opportunity!

Erik on Jun 25, 2015:

YES!!! I prefer a shot in the dark. So this press could be the fancy kitchen tool of my dreams.

Meadow on Jun 25, 2015:

The best coffee ever! ? ! Yes, please!

JJH on Jun 25, 2015:

A friend of mine has one of these and swears by it! I've been tempted to purchase one but haven't pulled the trigger yet. It would be wonderful to win one. 

Joe on Jun 25, 2015:

A buddy of mine has one of these and it does make a wonderfully rich cup of coffee. Such a simple yet elegant design.

Zack on Jun 25, 2015:

I usually just use my french press - make it reeal strong, drink half and save the other half for a mid-day iced coffee. I'd love to try the aeropress. I love me some good home brew. 

Angela Cash on Jun 25, 2015:

This time of year I love to blend my coffee with shaved ice and caramel or chocolate.

Matt on Jun 24, 2015:

Love a good French Press cup of coffee, but I really want to check out this contraption!

Anonymous on Jun 24, 2015:

Yes please! This would be awesome once I move to Europe- no need to worry about 110/220 appliances for coffee!

Anonymous on Jun 24, 2015:

Pick me

Anonymous on Jun 24, 2015:

oh, i'd really like to try that !

Dave Y on Jun 24, 2015:

I have been using the aeropress for almost three years now.  It makes hands down the best coffee and coffee drinks I've ever enjoyed.  

Kyla Rudd on Jun 24, 2015:

I have been travelling for 9 months now and all I care about is a great coffee to kick start my day with another adventure! I have a grinder but I don't have this! :)

Matt on Jun 24, 2015:

Pick me!

Mark A on Jun 24, 2015:

I rarely brew coffee at home, but would love to start with one of these...pick me!

Anonymous on Jun 24, 2015:

Love me some cofffee! I love my pour over but would love to try this out!

Amy on Jun 24, 2015:

Pick Me! 

Melanie on Jun 24, 2015:

I need more ways to put coffee in my face.