The Process: The Boxer-Tailor Makes Anthony Bourdain a Suit

Working with your hands can take a lot of forms. Just take it from Anthony Bourdain as he visits Frank Shattuck, a boxer and tailor famous for his “bench-made suits” in this unique process video.   created at: 06/15/2015

The series is called “Raw Craft” and features great conversations about the dedication to craftsmanship and simply about how suits should fit. Shattuck lives in a beautiful cabin in upstate New York where he crafts bespoke suits after 15 years of apprenticeship.

created at: 06/15/2015 The two met 17 years prior at a bar, after which Anthony couldn’t get the idea of one of these finely crafted suits out of his mind. 

With immense attention to detail (1,200 stitches for a lapel), Shattuck pours his heart and effort into quality craftsmanship, even where others might cut corners. And it’s always fun to watch Anthony Bourdain on his travels.