Jun 02, 2015

How to: Make a Super Simple Belt Organizer

They say no man is fully finished dressing if he's not wearing a belt (or suspenders, I guess), and, for some reason, that small strip of leather or weaving ready does bring a whole look together. I've always been a coil-them-up-in-the-sock-drawer kinda guy, but as someone with more closet space than dresser real estate, I'm definitely interested in hanging them up long and easy-to-find.   

This simple project uses nothing more than a wooden hanger and some cup hooks from the hardware store to keep your belts organized and ready to go. Just be sure to drill a pilot hole in the hanger rod to avoid splitting the wood. And it'd make a great Father's Day present.

Get the full instructions at MarthaStewart.com: Belt Rack for Dad


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